The capital region is a promoter and innovative driver of new technologies. In addition to the volumetric studio Volucap, which has been a flagship for the region’s innovative strength since 2018, and the LED Volume (Dark Bay), another highlight is now being added to the virtual offensive: In the future, even more immersive projects can be implemented at the location in the so-called Halostage – a production studio with an approximately 50-meter curved screen equipped with approximately 600 LED panels. Halostage is a group of companies comprising Ludwig Kameraverleih, ICT and LavaLabs.

Erik Wolff, Partner Halostage: “Volucap and Halostage combine the 3D visualization of a human being with the depiction of his environment, also in 3D, in mixed reality film production. This is done seamlessly – especially since Volucap and Halostage are based at the fx Center in Babelsberg.”

13 million euros to strengthen digital film and media production in the capital region.

Investments in the technological competitiveness of the Berlin-Brandenburg location are crucial in the digital race. As part of a special program for 2020-2022, Berlin-Brandenburg is therefore providing a total of 13 million euros to strengthen digital film and media productions in the region and set new standards. The funding will be administered by Medienboard in addition to traditional funding. “ERNST GRUBE – DAS VERMÄCHTNIS,” an innovative VR experience that uses the Volucap’s volumetric recording technology, is also receiving support from the special program. Using Virtual Production on location, eyewitness accounts are digitally transformed and integrated into a virtual world.

Joachim Kosack, Managing Director of UFA: “With our volumetric production “ERNST GRUBE – DAS VERMÄCHTNIS” we want to produce a walk-through film that sets a milestone as a pilot project in the preservation and bringing to life of eyewitness memories for younger generations. The technical expertise of Volucap and Fraunhofer HHI make it possible for us to work together to maintain our necessary culture of remembrance, even though there are not many eyewitnesses left who can tell about the Holocaust.”

Helge Jürgens, Managing Director New-Media-Förderung Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg: “I am pleased that we can strengthen the culture of remembrance in Germany and Europe by funding immersive projects. Thanks to the technologies at the Berlin-Brandenburg location, this is already possible with XR projects of this kind. We look forward to more interesting projects from all areas that can be implemented here – also thanks to the support opportunities for digital film and media productions.”

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