Volucap becomes part of Snapdragon Spaces™ Pathfinder Program

Today at AWE in Santa Clara, CA, USA, Hugo Swart (the GM of Qualcomm’s XR Business Group) announced in his keynote that Volucap is one of the first partners for the new Pathfinder program. Volucap joined the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform and will work with Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile and Qualcomm to develop the next generation of 5G volumetric video for XR applications.

Next level XR

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces Pathfinder Program provides Volucap with early access to platform technology, project funding, co-marketing and promotion, and hardware development kits. The program helps us team up with Qualcomm to break the limits of reality.

Leading smartphone and AR hardware OEMs including Lenovo, Motorola, OPPO, and Xiaomi are initial partners to support Snapdragon Spaces in 2022, with the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses paired with a Motorola Smartphone as the first to commercialize Snapdragon Spaces.

Immediate access to Qualcomm’s latest technologies is the most important enabler for making mobile entertainment content spatially explorable in the future.

Sven Bliedung von der Heide, CEO of Volucap

Spaces xr

The Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform paves the way to a new frontier of spatial computing that enriches our reality and enhances our perception. 

With the combination of Qualcomm´s and Volucaps technology, we are ready to build apps that blur the lines between the user’s physical and digital reality enabling new experiences and pioneering new forms of content creation. 

Volucap supports the exploration of bold ideas for radically new technologies. Volucap welcomes the high-risk / high gain and interdisciplinary cutting-edge technology collaborations that underpin mixed reality breakthroughs.


Hubraum XR Spaces Program

Volucap, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile will work with Qualcomm Technologies Inc. are developing next generation 5G volumetric video for XR applications and exclusive technologies and innovative applications for advanced mixed reality headsets with Qualcomm´s XR1 and XR2 chipsets.


For further information and in case of queries please contact:

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