Future of Immersive Imaging with Canon and Volucap


With Canon’s professional lenses, the production team was able to capture and convey the message of the video with stunning clarity and precision, setting a new standard for the industry. Choosing Canon as the preferred brand for lenses is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best possible results. Revolutionary software algorithms automatically calculate 3D surfaces and textures, transforming videos for seamless integration into AR, MR, VR, 360°, or 2D video/web applications on a wide range of devices including phones, holographic headsets, and Windows Mixed Reality Immersive Headsets. Experience the limitless possibilities of immersive media with our innovative technology.

Volucap meets Canon - Teaser
canon volucaptstudio


To achieve the desired quality, optics are crucial. In developing the volumetric studio, Volucap extensively tested all major manufacturers and ultimately chose Canon. The combination of ultra-high-resolution sensors and Canon optics achieves the highest quality, enabling a revolution from 2D to 3D. There is currently no comparable method that produces an authentic representation of a person.


The Volucap Alliance is a B2B partner network focused on providing access to leading-edge technology for businesses in a variety of industries. Canon is the newest member and a key component for the Alliance’s success. With Canon’s expertise in imaging and optical technology, the Volucap Alliance is able to offer its partners unparalleled quality and innovation in the field of volumetric capture.As a member of the Volucap Alliance, Canon joins a group of industry leaders committed to advancing the field of volumetric capture and unlocking new possibilities for businesses. With the Alliance’s focus on collaboration and knowledge-sharing, Canon and other members can work together to push the boundaries of what’s possible with this exciting technology.

canon volucaptstudio


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