Since we already see a high demand for digital humans and expect it to increase in the coming time, we want to make sure that we can offer our clients a wide range of types.

That’s why we’re looking for all kinds of people, preferably situated in Germany or around Berlin. Maybe you know someone who would be interested – or you want to become a digital human yourself.

Acting as a digital human means not standing still and looking good, but moving around and acting in a role. You could be the business woman, or one mate chatting with another, the pround grandfather holding a balloon for his grandchild, the football player juggling a ball, the violinist playing on her instrument. With volumetric capture we are able to capture life in all of its dimensions.

Are you interested? If so, simply fill out our form. After adding you to our database, we will be able to book you for volumetric captures. We recommend to apply with the image upload option, which is only possible if you have a Google account. You can still apply without a Google account. Please make sure to direct link to actual images on your website portfolio, instagram etc.

Apply here if you have a Google account you can log in to. Allows you to upload images via the application form. Makes it easier for us to assess whether you are a fit for a shoot.

Apply here if you do not have a Google account. Downside: no image upload via the application possible. It may reduce your chances to be booked.