The current pandemic has become a catalyst for digitization and offers the opportunity to test and optimize the diverse areas of application of media technologies.

Our team at Volucap has worked closely with several specialists, including experts in occupational safety and medicine. Together, we have implemented enhanced security measures to protect our employees and talent while maintaining the high quality services we are known for.

A dedicated Covid Task Force continuously monitors the health conditions and compliance of all employees, and to ensure maximum safety, Volucap personnel are tested for Covid-19 twice a week.

In addition, we optimized our studio services to allow for a minimum number of people during the productions and therefore lower risk.
As a result, Volucap is able to offer full capture support with only 2 people on site, who can be separated if desired.

A mask is required for all activities (except for the actor in the capture volume). FFP3 masks are sufficiently available and disinfectants are located at all entrances and exits of the building.

Because of our measures, we offer the maximum safety in every production and guarantee a very careful implementation of all precautions, so that you can fully concentrate on the production.