On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, we invited the media policy spokespersons* of their parliamentary groups to an exclusive tour on behalf of the MediaTech Hub Potsdam.

Ingo Senftleben (CDU faction) and Erik Stohn (SPD faction) took the opportunity to get to know the media location with all its facets from Hollywood glamour to innovative start-ups. The tour began with a visit to the Rotor Film Kino. There the MTH Accelerator Startups carmino and koppla (formerly craftdrive) presented themselves. Carmino is developing a solution to democratize mobility data and koppla is the communication tool for craftsmen of all sizes and trades that connects construction site and office.

The managing director Joachim Kosack introduced the oldest entertainment brand in the world, UFA, and the chairman of Studio Babelsberg, Dr. Carl Woebcken, provided an insight into the oldest large studio film studio in the world and the largest film studio in Europe. Afterwards, Germany’s first volumetric film studio – the Volucap – was presented, before all guests concluded the afternoon with a relaxed get-together with representatives* of the media location at the fx.center.