Volucap 2.0 is out now!

Volucap 2.0 is now launched, reaching the best quality of a volumetric capture on the market.

BERLIN, GERMANY – Today, Volucap, a leading innovator in volumetric capture, heralds a new era in the history of film and technology with the launch of Volucap 2.0, achieving over 3000 Megapixels of volumetric video processing – a global first.

Heralding a quantum leap in film history akin to the shift from analog to digital cameras, this evolutionary advancement in volumetric video now offers a level of quality surpassing prior technological limitations. With a resolution per camera reaching over 65 Megapixels and recording data at an unprecedented rate of 132.48 GB/min, Volucap 2.0 sets a new industry benchmark.

To illustrate this transformative leap, Volucap has showcased this breakthrough technology with a project featuring BMX world champion, Matthias Dandois. In collaboration with Orange, Volucap has recreated Dandois’s performance with a level of realism previously unattainable, providing an immersive platform for learning BMX tricks from a true master.

But the potential of Volucap 2.0 extends beyond sports. It’s set to revolutionize post-production in film, offer architects a new way to present ultra-realistic models, and provide historians a platform for recording narratives in a completely new light.

“Volucap 2.0 is not just a step forward, it’s a giant leap in the evolution of volumetric video,” said a representative from Volucap. “We’re breaking new ground in the way we create, interact with, and consume content. The future is here, and it’s incredibly exciting.”

For more information about Volucap and the innovative capabilities of Volucap 2.0 check out our recent project featuring BMX World Champion Matthias Dandois.

About Volucap

Volucap is an industry-leading company revolutionizing the field of virtual reality technology. Located at the FX Center in Studio Babelsberg, the Volucap Studio houses an impressive 1830 square feet light rotunda equipped with over 40 cameras, capturing every movement and facial expression from a 360° perspective. Its cutting-edge technology, powered by intelligent software algorithms, creates realistic 3D scans of people and objects. The end products can be deployed across various platforms, from AR and VR to 2D video/web applications.

With a portfolio boasting collaborations with high-end feature film productions like “Matrix Resurrections” and artists such as “Die Fantastischen Vier” and “The BossHoss“, Volucap continues to push the boundaries of digital content creation.

Watch our latest project with BMX world champion Matthias Dandois


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