MEETING Matthias Dandois


Revolutionizing SPORTS Training

Volucap is thrilled to announce it´s new project featuring the 9 times world champion BMX rider, Matthias Dandois. Volucap has captured Dandois’ intricate biking tricks using its advanced volumetric capture technology. This new project offers fans and riders an immersive experience like no other, taking BMX training into the virtual realm.


Matthias Dandols




For the first time, Volucap showcases it´s upgraded volumetric capture upgraded Studio 2.0. Much like the early days of digital cameras, where analog quality was the benchmark, the evolution of volumetric video has been met with similar challenges. With Studio 2.0, Volucap breaks these barriers, setting a new standard in volumetric video quality that parallels seminal moments in the history of filmmaking.

We utilize over 48 cameras positioned strategically around the subject, capturing every detail and movement from all angles.

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Behind The Scenes

This project has been a testament to the dedication and talent of our team, from the moment of capturing Dandois in action to the intricacies of processing and rendering the footage.

Go behind the scenes of this innovative project and witness how Volucap is reshaping the future of sports training.

Exploring New Boundaries

Our volumetric capture of pro BMX rider Matthias Dandois breaks the mold of traditional sports training, ushering in a new era for virtual reality, film, and interactive media.

Beyond spectator enjoyment, volumetric capture holds significant implications for the sports industry and athletes. In sports where crucial gestures and movements are lightning-quick, our technology offers an opportunity to slow down, analyze, and learn from these actions.

Viewers can place Dandois in their space, adjust playback speed, and explore the scene, offering an interactive and immersive viewing experience beyond traditional limits.


As we pioneer new techniques and enhance our technology, Volucap continues to unlock novel creative avenues.

With volumetric capture, we’re moving away from passive fan experiences to more interactive ones. Fans become participants, deconstructing the action, engaging with the scene, and experiencing the sport from perspectives previously unimaginable. As this technology continues to evolve and become more prevalent, we’re proud to lead the revolution in transforming the sports industry and the fan experience.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate, experiment, and lead the way in volumetric video capture and VR experiences.