The Future of Art

Since May 4th 2019, Villa Schöningen in Potsdam is hosting the group exhibition called Nude – Female Bodies By Female Artists. More than forty works by 31 international female artists show different depictions of the nude, from the Renaissance to the present including works by Paula Modersohn-Becker, Cindy Sherman, Marina Abramovic and Rosemarie Trockel.

Together with well renowned artist Marion Fink, Volucap is representing the future of art in showing how cutting-edge technology can enhance the experience of an artwork in a way never seen before. By using the possibilities of augmented reality, the painting called “Alena pudica” leaves the frame to become a digital moving Venus. This first ever augmented reality artwork, developed in collaboration with Interlake, has already sold for over 30.000 €.

Nude – Female Bodies By Female Artists

In its current exhibition, the Villa Schöningen is showing female bodies as seen through the eyes of artists from five centuries. Alongside landscapes, portraits and religious themes, the female nude is one of the most frequently depicted motifs in art history. From the Venus of Willendorf 25,000 years ago to contemporary performances, video installations and augmented reality applications, the naked body has fascinated artists throughout the centuries. Time and again, the treatment of nudity and Eros has also been an exploration of taboos and a fascinating indicator of the sense of time. Like a sensor of the constitution of freedom of a society or epoch, nudes have left their mark on art history as Marion Fink and Volucap have just done with “Alena pudica”.

The exhibition is on view until October 1st 2019.