Arri and Volucap invited to the second International Broadcast Day. The event aims to promote the development and marketing of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in content production.

Leading experts met at the International Broadcast Day in the volumetric studio at Volucap and exchanged views on technology trends such as 360° and AR/MR/VR. Arri presented its expertise in camera systems, lighting technology, workflow and system services.

Dr. Jörg Pohlman, member of the Arri board of directors, welcomed the participants: “The advent of intelligent LED lighting opens up enormous technical and creative potential, also with regard to the networking of lighting and camera systems. We at Arri are very pleased about this potential and value the International Broadcast Day as a platform to exchange ideas with other international experts and to discuss future applications”. Sven Bliedung, CEO of Volucap, also stressed the importance of the event: “The broadcast market is currently undergoing an extremely exciting transformation. New digital tools are the key to reaching and retaining tomorrow’s audience. The International Broadcast Day brings together the most important thought leaders and provides a deep insight into the new technological possibilities. We are surprised by the interest in volumetric video recording and believe that this event will open many important doors in the broadcast industry”.

Arri emphasizes that the company’s expertise in 4K/HDR camera systems, lighting, post-production and rental guarantees a deep understanding of the entire broadcast production environment. Arri is a co-partner of Volucap and believes that immersive, interactive video with 360°/AR/MR/VR functionality is a form of content that goes far beyond the 2D productions streamed live today.