At the IFA, Telekom presented the virtual reality work “The Fantastic VR – Fantaventura“. The production took place in the Berlin Volucap Studios.

The world’s first VR experience of a band in 6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom) sets new creative and technological standards. To the sounds of the 90s hit “Tag am Meer”, the audience is immersed in the interactive universe of the Fantastic Four together with Smudo, Thomas D, Michi Beck and And.Ypsilon.

With the help of the latest technology, volumetric film recordings of the real people Smudo, Michi Beck, Thomas D and And.Ypsilon were created in the Berlin Volucap Studios, who welcome their visitors on Fantaventura, a fictitious island in the far ocean. There they meet the Fantastic Four of today and their young egos. True to the song quote “When the future becomes the present” the boundaries of reality become blurred here.

Smudo says about the project: “With my enthusiasm for VR I have infected some people in my environment. And so sometime three years ago, the idea came up that a VR experience could be produced for the 30th anniversary. The goal was to create a product at the highest level, without being able to foresee where the technological development of VR products would go exactly”.

Volumetric shots enable an interactive 6DoF experience in a virtual room. 6DoF stands for Six Degrees of Freedom. This means that users can not only look around with a VR headset, but also move freely in virtual space. In Fantaventura, for example, one can walk around the band members on the beach, touch floating fish or dive into soap bubbles.

Smartphone users can download the Magenta VR App and start the 360° version – directly from the display or with a cardboard for smartphones. The 6DoF version will be available in October on Steam and can be experienced in combination with a 6DoF-compatible VR headset like the HTC Vive.